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We are a 501C3 Corporation. Donations are tax deductable.

Our Vision

To encourage, connect and educate past, present and future generations through the history of US Military Air Power.


USMAP is currently raising $50K to seed the development of the Museum.


Funds will be used to develop Website, acquire initial facility at Craig Airfield/JAXEX. 


Membership, Sponsorship, Matching Gifts Programs, Specific Aircraft/Exhibit Donations will provide avenue for on-going funding.  Membership & Sponsorship benefits are underway.


All donors providing more than $50,000 will be recognized as the “Legacy Builders.” This recognition will include a memorial plate at the entrance of USMAP museum’s aircraft hangar.  The individual donors or company representative will be invited and recognized at all significant museum events, such as new openings, ground breaking ceremonies and annual fly-ins.


Additionally, these sponsors will forever be known and recognized for their foundational role in establishing USMAP in Jacksonville, Florida. 

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